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Raffles Watch by Old Rex

Raffles Watch is named after Raffles Place, the Central Business District in Singapore.

To remember Singapore heritage with some models being imported Swiss.

We have our tradition in Raffles Place in the Central Business District in Singapore for more than 70 years.

It is by the people from Rex Photo and Watch, established at Raffles Place, the Central Business District in Singapore in 1945. The Singapore Spirit lives on, with these watches to commemorate and leave and live on, in the years to come for the wearers a lasting legacy of peace, hope and love.

We have been in the watch industry for many years and have launched certain quality watches. From a history of doing maintenance and sales, we have been here to provide basic maintenance for your watch to last, and so we put thought and research and with kind collaboration with some of our Swiss counterparts to introduce certain watches that we think and feel are good enough to be heirloom watches. We feel you do not need to overspend your budget to own heirloom quality watches. Some of the watches excluding the straps have been proven to be of Swiss preferential origin unless otherwise stated and have been demonstrated to the representative of Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry.

For some of our watches, with our Swiss counterparts, parts chosen have been carefully selected, having gone through research and testing and inspection at Switzerland and also further testing done in Singapore to demonstrate good quality watches. With some care, they might provide continued value for the wearer.

When you own one of these watches, it says something about striving towards your commitment, goals and moving towards striving of honouring your promises. Reflecting the ethos of the Central Business District in Singapore, where business transactions and deals big and small are made daily over so many years and probably years to come, our Raffles Watch by Old Rex brand will carry the spirit of business through the wearer across time, and geographical limitations and in creating a better age.
We have a registered address in Raffles Place and a retail outlet closer to the Changi Business Park.

When you wear RFW-01 or RFW-02 premium Swiss automatic watches, we want them to last a long time for you to spread the spirit of goodwill and peace.

For RFW-03 classic Swiss quartz watches, they are designed to suit your essential and interesting daily lifestyle and to also spread the good values of hope, peace and joy.

For RFW-04 basic collectibles, they are suitable for occasional weekend casual wear, time keeping in your desk or children to learn to tell time and last but not least, carry good values.

Together, we wear first class watches.