Raffles Heirloom Watch 

Raffles Watch is named after Raffles Place, the Central Business District in Singapore.

Swiss-made, Singapore heritage.

We have our tradition in Raffles Place in the Central Business District in Singapore for more than 70 years.

It is by the people from Rex Watch Co., established at Raffles Place, the Central Business District in Singapore since 1945.

We have been in the watch industry for many years and have launched our quality watches. From a history of doing maintenance and sales, we have been here to make your watch last, and so we put thought and research to produce watches watches that we think and feel are good enough to be heirloom watches.

“A good product from a company with a long record of good after sales is better than a product from a company with poor after sales.”

Parts chosen have been carefully selected, having gone through rigorous research and testing. With proper care with us, they provide continued value for the owner in this generation and perhaps the next.

When you own one of these watches, it says something about your commitment and honouring of your promises. Reflecting the ethos of the Central Business District in Singapore, where business transactions and deals big and small are made daily over so many years,  our Raffles watch is a shining example of your word which is your commitment. 

When you wear RFW-01 or RFW-02 premium swiss made automatic watches, we want them to last a long time, and you might even pass it on to the next generation.

For RFW-03 classic swiss made quartz watches, they are designed to suit your essential interesting daily lifestyle.

For RFW-04 basic collectibles, they are suitable for time keeping in your drawer or your desk or children to learn to tell time.

We wear first class watches.