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Raffles Watch by Old Rex

What makes our watches different?

Our watches are first class.

Our watches are designed to last long. Whether certain series are Swiss Made or not. We have been in the watch maintenance industry for at least 70 years so you can rest assured that the watches that we sell we can maintain. We aim to be more around for more than 100 years! We have also been in Raffles Place in Singapore at least 70 years from 1945.

With us, you can have a heirloom watch without spending more than you need.

If you look at RFW-01, it fits your lifestyle that is formal or also sporty. It is made of a good Swiss automatic mechanism. Good resistance to corrosion. Designed to be durable to last for your long life. Shiny elegant bezel.

Our diving watch RFW-02 is a rugged looking and big sized watch that has a Swiss automatic mechanism that is trusted.

For RFW-03, it is attractive in style, value and in pricing. Nothing pretentious, but elegant and yet fun to wear. Care has been taken to provide for good quality materials at a good price. In the market there are other brands in the same category in style but they may not be Swiss at the same price range.

They are not from a heritage brand also. We are a heritage company. So if you want to have your Raffles Watch by Old Rex to be maintained, you can look for our team. For RFW-04 they are not Swiss Made but they are the aspirational series that fairly priced products can still be kept and loved for years to tell time. Time is indeed the gift of God that anyone can grow with.

Animal Sustainability 

We have a new focus on watches with non animal straps. After the existing watches with leather straps are sold, they will usually be fitted with animal friendly straps.

Raffles Watch (by the people from Rex Photo & Watch Estd 1945).

When you buy a watch, you want it to last. Yes, our premium RFW-01, RFW-02 and RFW-03 watches are built to last a lifetime. And we strive to provide a warranty for that.

We offer customers a 2-year standard Limited Warranty against manufacturing defects on our RFW series watches.

For extended warranty terms, they can be done subject to our discretion.

If you are keen to extend warranty, please write in to us after your purchase.

Standard 2 year Limited Warranty terms

For 2 years from the date of your purchase of our watches, excluding daily “wear and tear” usage, we cover “manufacturing defects” at a nominal or no charge to you subject to our discretion. We do not cover shipping charges.

Clarification: Swiss made watches have been imported from Switzerland. You can also have new kinds of straps on them and also ask for them to be made more accurate in Singapore. For that the Swiss warranty will be void, but we can provide a local warranty. For the quartz ones, they are Swiss made, and you can choose other straps to put on. Warranty can be provided by Swiss or local.

We do not cover glass, case, crown, strap, only movement functionality.

Do note the difference between “wear and tear” which includes accidental breakage, negligence, daily wear and tear scratches, inaccuracies or breakage due to knocks or drops from a certain height, etc which we do not cover, and “manufacturing defects” which include normal daily usage covering strap spoiling, case crack, crown cannot turn, movement malfunction, etc.

We reserve the right to define what is “wear and tear” and “manufacturing defect”, and to amend terms at our discretion for what is covered in warranty without prior notice.

For automatic watches they are about tested to 20 seconds a day accuracy a day.  However due to physical demands like vigorous hand movement or shipping or magnetic interference this may differ.

In such situations we do not cover and if you wish you may bring to a local repairer but this will void the warranty or you can send to us. For such issues or repairs the shipping costs will be borne by you. We will decide if it is due to manufacturing defect during warranty or if not, we will charge a service fee.

If you want to repair the watch, please email us from our contact page with a description of the issue.

If you require small jobs and maybe a service for your watches, you can use the ‘Contact Us’ button at the top left of the page.